Faculty lectures

Here is a selection of lectures given by C&O faculty members over the years.

Joseph Cheriyan

Bill Cook
The traveling salesman problem: postcards from the edge of impossibility

Logan Crew
The Tutte symmetric function

Ricardo Fukasawa
Hardness of set-partitioning formulation for the vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands

Jane Gao
Symmetry of random graphs

Jim Geelen
Homomorphisms and colouring for graphs and binary matroids

David Gosset
Quantum walks, scattering theory, and universal quantum computation

Bertrand Guenin
Packing and Covering (a short course)Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Penny Haxell
Structure and algorithms for independent transversals

David Jao
Overview of elliptic curve isogenies based public-key cryptography assumptions

Jochen Koenemann
Harnessing mathematical programming to solve problems ranging from worldwide transport to health care

Debbie Leung
Quantum data compression

Olya Mandelshtam
The multispecies TAZRP and modified Macdonald polynomials

Steve Melczer
Positivity problems for linear recurrences

Alfred Menezes
Another look at provable security

Michele Mosca
Toward a quantum-safe future

Walaa Moursi
On the order of the operators in the Douglas-Rachford algorithm

Ashwin Nayak
Applications of the information-theoretic method in quantum computation

Peter Nelson
Formalizing matroids

Kanstantsin Pashkovich
On the approximability of the maximum cardinality stable matching problem with ties

Oliver Pechenik
Always coming home: an introduction to dynamical algebraic combinatorics

Martin Pei

Luke Postle
Further prograss towards Hadwiger's conjecture

Kevin Purbhoo
Jeu de taquin, Part 2

Sophie Spirkl
The complexity of list-5-colouring H-free graphs

Douglas Stebila
The current status of post-quantum cryptography

Chaitanya Swamy
Compact, provably-good LPs for orienteering and regret-bounded vehicle routing

Levent Tuncel
A notion of total dual integrality for convex, semidefinite and extended formulations

Steve Vavasis

David Wagner

Henry Wolkowicz
Facial reduction in cone optimization with applications to matrix computations

Jon Yard
Algebraic formulations of Zauner's conjecture

Karen Yeats
Solving Dyson-Schwinger equations by chord diagrams