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Contest participation is not a requirement for admission, but we strongly encourage you to participate, as it is an asset to your application. 

You must participate in the Euclid Mathematics Contest or Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest (CSMC) to be considered for a Faculty of Mathematics Entrance Scholarship.

It is recommended that applicants to Computer Science write the Canadian Computing Competition (CCC), though it is not a requirement for admission. The aim of the competition is to provide students with an opportunity to test their ability in designing and understanding algorithms, as well as in programming. Contest winners will be invited to participate in computer science enrichment workshops at Waterloo, and you can include your participation in the contest on your AIF. 

astrisk iconFall 2020 Admissions

Participation in the Euclid Mathematics Contest will NOT be a mandatory part of a scholarship or admission decisions for Fall 2020. No applicant will be penalised in any way for not participating in the Euclid this year.

Why participate in a contest?

  • To challenge yourself and your problem-solving skills.
  • To prepare for university studies.
  • To demonstrate that you have sufficient mathematical background to enter our programs, especially useful in cases where we may be unfamiliar with an education system and unable to assess an applicant's mathematical background.
  • To be eligible for an entrance scholarship.

How can I prepare for a contest?

You can access free contest preparation materials, including copies of past contest and solutions, online through the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC).

How do I register for a contest?

  • If you're currently attending an Ontario high school, find out about writing the Euclid Mathematics Contest in your school from one of your mathematics teachers.
  • If you're an Ontario high school mathematics teacher, please visit the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) for information about registering your students for the contest.