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Apply to one or more of the following entry programs in the Faculty of Mathematics.

All of the programs listed below are available through both the co-op and the regular systems of study, with a few "co-op only" exceptions.

Follow the links below for program descriptions, lists of first-year and sample upper-year courses, and sample co-op jobs and jobs after graduation.

Business and accounting programs

Apply directly to these business and accounting programs:

Computer science programs

Apply directly to these computer science programs:

Mathematics programs

You cannot apply directly to the following programs. You apply to Mathematics for access to these majors that begin at the end of first year or later:

Mathematics/English Language for Academic Studies (Math/ELAS)

Students who meet all the admission requirements except the English language requirements may receive an alternative offer to the English Language for Academic Studies program, known as Math/ELAS.

Learn more about Math/ELAS.