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Every company and industry needs logical thinkers like mathematicians and computer scientists to solve their everyday problems. How you challenge mathematics and computer science is up to you.

We have 23 undergraduate programs to set you on the professional track to achieve your career goals. 

We offer 3 categories of programs: Honours Mathematics, Math and Business and Computer Science

Most of our programs are available as a co-op or regular option, with a few programs requiring co-op.

  • Programs that require co-op are marked with an (^).
  • Programs that are competitive for entry are marked with an (*).

Honours Mathematics

If you want to study math but need some time deciding which area is best, apply to Mathematics and choose one of these majors after your first year in the Faculty of Mathematics, if admitted. 

We have 14 majors to choose from:

Math and Business

If you want to study math for the purposes of working in a business, financial institution, or accounting firm, and you want the option of earning a professional designation, consider our math and business programs. You will apply directly to each of these programs for admissions consideration.  

Computer Science

If you want to study computer science and learn about programming languages, algorithmic processes, computational machines and computation itself, consider our computer science programs. You will apply directly to each these programs for admissions consideration.  

Mathematics/Bridge to Academic Success in English (BASE)

If you meet all of our admission requirements, except the English language requirements, you may receive an alternative offer to the Bridge to Academic Success in English program, known as Math/BASE. You won't be able to apply to this program. You'll be automatically considered, if you're eligible. 

Choosing a program

Need help choosing a program that is right for you? We offer lots of support to help you understand the similiarities and differences between the mathematics and computer science programs that we offer. 

  • Know which questions to ask - Discover the programs that we offer by asking a few questions to narrow down your choices. 
  • Contact us - We're happy to answer your questions and help you understand our Faculty of Mathematics and its undergraduate programs.