Computational Mathematics

Computational Mathematics

“I knew that I wanted to study mathematics because I became more interested in the material as things got more complex. Waterloo Mathematics is such a large community, meaning that there are more options, courses, and opportunities to explore my interests.”

What is Computational Mathematics?

Until recently, solving industrial-sized problems was next to impossible. But with computational mathematics, you can harness the power of computers to generate and run mathematical models – analyzing data for quantitative, real-world solutions.

You’ll learn how to code mathematical models to solve problems in business, economics, engineering, environment, finance, medicine and science, and earn a degree that combines math and computer science to give you a competitive edge.

  • Available as a co-op or regular program
  • There are 40 courses for this degree
  • Graduate with a Bachelor of Mathematics, major in Computational Mathematics

First-year courses

  • MATH 135/145 - Classical Algebra
  • MATH 137/147 - Calculus 1
  • CS 115/135/145 - Computer Science
  • A communications course
  • One non-math elective

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Upper-year courses

  • CO 367 - Nonlinear Optimization
  • CO 456 - Introduction to Game Theory
  • CS 431 -  Data-Intensive Distributed Analytics
  • PMATH 370 - Chaos and Fractals
  • STAT 442 - Data Visualization

Student stories

Meet Jessie

Jessie has been very involved with the math faculty by becoming a math ambassador and helping out with math orientation. Outside of the math faculty she also is a Mystery Shopper for her residence. Jessie says that her favourite thing about the University of Waterloo is that as a student you are surrounded by people who are academically curious and Waterloo has no shortage of these types of individuals. Students are constantly inspiring each other and they’re not afraid to aim for the best.

Meet Barbara

Barbara is an international student who grew up in Munich, Germany;  Prague, Czech Republic; and Bratislava, Slovakia. She has worked in a number of roles on co-op as a Data Analyst, Marketing Analyst and Business Systems Operations Controller. She's actively involved in Mambo Club and Cabaret Club as a singer and dancer and she is a mentor in the Math Student Mentorship Club. She chose to study at Waterloo because of its reputation in co-op and mathematics. 


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How to apply

Apply to Mathematics for admissions consideration. If admitted, speak with an academic advisor after first year to declare Computational Mathematics as a major.

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