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Do you have questions about the Faculty of Mathematics? You can schedule a time to talk to someone on our recruitment team.

We are happy to discuss/clarify: 

  • The similarities and differences between each of math and computer programs
  • How to apply and what to include in your application
  • Any concerns or special considerations with your application
  • How co-op works
  • And more!

How to book an appointment

All of our recruiters are knowledge of our programs, admissions and student services and you're welcome to reach out to any of them for support.

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Country-specific questions? If you're from a particularly part of the world and would like to meet with a recruiter who connects with students from your home country, you can choose a time to meet with them. If you don't see your country listed, meet with a recruiter that suits your time zone.


Amy Lin headshot

Amy Lin

Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions Officer

  • Market(s): China

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portrait of pavak

Pavak Vyas

Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions Officer

  • Market(s): India, Middle East and South Asia

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Photo of Laura Jane Watkins

Laura Jane Watkins

Undergraduate Recruitment Coordinator

  • Market(s): Canada

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Amelia Burton headshot

Amelia Burton

Undergraduate Recruitment Coordinator

  • Market(s): Southeast Asia (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam)

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