Infinite open doors

Coins icon8 of 10 top jobs in 2021 start with a degree in mathematics (
Award badge icon#1 in Canada for career preparation (2018 Maclean's survey)
arrow icons, pointing upwards39%increase in demand for data scientists and engineers by 2020 (IBM)

What can you do with a degree in math?

A Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath) degree from the University of Waterloo is your path to almost any career you can think of. Our strengths in mathematics, statistics, and computing give graduates a competitive edge in some of these fast growing (and high paying!) career areas.


The formula for human health

A female student in the applied mathematics labYou don’t need to be an MD to make a serious impact on health care. In fact, as technology and society evolve, the medical field increasingly relies on math, computing and statistics to deliver new tools and systems. Mathematicians at Waterloo have developed models, optimization techniques and tests that help with everything from diagnosing autism, to preventing the spread of disease, to safer plans for operating on infants.

With the demand for data and new tools climbing, your BMath degree can help make our world healthier.

Check out: Applied Mathematics, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Data Science, Computational Mathematics, Combinatorics and Optimization

Dive into data

“The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” – The Economist

Every day, huge amounts of data are generated by business, scientific, and social activity taking place all around us. With data coming from sensors, digital images, streaming video, satellite and medical imagery, and from interactions with cloud computing, data-driven approaches to decision making are being applied in areas as diverse as medicine, business, advertising, and entertainment. These skills are in such high demand that the Harvard Business Review called data scientist the sexiest job of the 21st century!

Check out: Data Science, Combinatorics and Optimization, Statistics, Biostatistics

Circuit icon58 millionnew jobs in artificial intelligence created by 2022 – Forbes
lock icon37%expected growth in information security jobs 2022 (Bureau of Labour Statistics)
megaphone icon#1data scientist rated top job for 2019 (CareerCast)

The future of intelligence

The University of Waterloo is home to cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research in artificial intelligence (AI). AI will touch everything from how we work, travel and connect, to how we make sense of the huge volume of data our world generates every day. From human-machine interaction to autonomous driving, a background in mathematics can give you the foundational tools you’ll need to tackle the challenges of our constantly changing world.

Check out: Data Science, Statistics, Mathematical Physics, Computer Science

2019 valedictorian David LiFrom speech communication to natural language processing: how one Waterloo grad is exploring the intersection between language and computing.

The keys to a more secure world

Our digital footprints are growing. New tools and systems are enhancing connectivity and convenience, but they also increase the demands for privacy and data protection. Banking, communications, networks and more depend on cybersecurity to protect information and users – and demand for graduates with the skills to help mitigate risk and secure systems continues to grow.

Check out: Combinatorics and Optimization, Computer Science, Computational Mathematics, Pure Mathematics

Math that moves marketstwo students in the finance lab

Understand the math behind the numbers, and you’ll be an asset in any boardroom. Our strengths in actuarial science, statistics, computing and financial technology – and our renowned entrepreneurial environment – make Waterloo a top choice for students looking to make their mark in the business world. Whether you’re interested in IT and operations, or in finance and risk management, you’ll graduate with in-demand skills!

Check out: Information Technology Management, Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Finance, Computing and Financial Management, Mathematical Optimization, Actuarial Science, Statistics, and our Math, Business, and Accounting programs.