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Computer Science - using technology to solve real world problems. Finance - the science of managing money. Combine the two and you have a graduate with the ability to use technology to solve financial problems more efficiently and effectively - the kind of graduate that the financial industry and other businesses reliant on information technology demand when they hire LEADERS. 

Launch a lucrative career in the financial services or information technology industries. Take your knowledge to the investment industry and pursue a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Or expand your knowledge in computer science or finance in a Master's program. Whether you choose computer science, finance, or both; futures and options start with CFM.

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​With their expertise in computer science and finance, CFM students land co-op job opportunities all over the world

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Rachel, first yer CFM student blogger

Want to learn more about ​what it's like to be a CFM student? Check out Rachel's blog where she talks about her adventures at Waterloo.