The Computing and Financial Management (CFM) Mentorship Program is an opportunity for future students starting their first year with CFM to be paired with and mentored by an upper year student. Transitioning into university can be an exciting but challenging experience and the friendly advice of a mentor can help to ease the transition throughout the first year.

Mentors are student volunteers who are happy to welcome you to the CFM community and are interested in:

  • Sharing what it's like to be a CFM student
  • Talking about their co-op and academic experiences
  • Providing tips for effective time management
  • Offering advice in securing your first co-op position
  • Recommending places to study or eat on campus
  • Contributing what they think is important for first year students to know

First-year students will be able to choose their preferred mentors in September at the beginning of the new school year. Mentor profiles will be online as of August.