Alumni and friends

The student experience in the Computing and Financial Management (CFM) program is all about community. As a CFM alumnus, we continue to uphold this tradition by offering you lots of great activities and opportunities to stay involved. By keeping in touch, you'll receive the benefits of building your network and helping our students build a strong professional future.

Our CFM alumni group continues to grow and we want you to be apart of it. Find out where your fellow alumni are now and what they are doing in their careers. You can also choose how you'd like to stay connected to the program and the University of Waterloo.

Our alumni

Since it's humble beginning in 2006, the CFM program has grown to include many talented alumni. Find out what your fellow alumni are up to in their careers and where they are now.

Get involved

Grow your engagement as a CFM alumnus by connecting with us. We're always looking for alumni like you to support our program and stay connected. You can assist us with many existing opportunities or let us know how you'd like to get involved.

There are many opportunities that you can help out with now.

  • Hire CFM students -We're grooming the next generation of the workforce and invite you to become a part of it. Put your organization at the forefront of innovation by hiring Waterloo. Learn more about the co-op hiring process.
  • Speak at a career night - Students are interested in knowing their career options after graduation. Hearing from alumni is a great way for them to connect their studies with their future employment.
  • Organize an event - We want to reach many alumni as possible to find out what they are up now. Help us organize or lead your own event to keep our alumni engaged and connected to Waterloo.
  • Mentor a student - Each term, our students head out to the workforce to participate in their co-op opportunities. Students in your area are interested in making connections and building their networks. Share your contacts with students working in the area and connect over email or in person to discuss what's in store when they graduate. They value your knowledge and experience.

For more information on how you can get involved, contact the CFM Program Manager

Attend an alumni event

We love connecting with our alumni. Take a look at our engagement opportunities with graduates.

  • CFM @ Fun Run | Waterloo, ON
  • CFM @ Toronto FC | Toronto, ON
  • CFM visits NYC | New York, NY
  • CFM Alumni-Student Dinner @ Thai Sun and @Wildcraft | Waterloo, ON
  • CFM @ Lob Toronto | Toronto, ON

Stay connected

Learn more about the benefits and services available to CFM grads at Waterloo Alumni.

Keep up-to-date with current events, Waterloo news, and engage with other alumni via the CFM Alumni group on LinkedIn. All graduates are invited to the group following convocation.

Updating your address and communication preferences allows up to connect with you and keep you informed on current student activities in CFM, invite you to special events like reunion and solicit your participation in graduate opportunities like mentorship and alumni connections.


Contact the CFM Program Manager for more information.