Alumni and friends

Be proud. Stay connected. 

Learn more about the publications, benefits, and services available to CFM grads at Waterloo Alumni.

Keep up-to-date with current events and engaged with other alumni via the CFM Alumni group on LinkedIn. All graduates are invited to the group following convocation.

As you embark upon what is guaranteed to be an interesting career, feel free to contact the Program Manager to share stories. Your success is our success and we are happy and eager to brag about you on your behalf.

Get involved

Continue your engagement as a CFM graduate by getting involved with the Faculty of Math and the Faculty of Arts.

Alumni Affiliation Activities and engagement
Faculty of Math
  • Volunteer at career nights
  • Organize or attend a reunion/event
  • Hire a co-op student or grad
Faculty of Arts
School of Accounting and Finance
  • Mentor a student
  • Recruit top students
  • Participate in events that celebrate SAF students and alumni

Address Updating

Updating your address and communication preferences allows up to connect with you and keep you informed on current student activities in CFM, invite you to special events like reunion and solicit your participation in graduate opportunities like mentorship and alumni connections.


Contact Heather Steinmetz, Program Manager for more information.