CFM Past and Current Serving Co-Directors

Peter Forsyth (May 2005 - June 2008)

Professor Peter Forsyth was appointed to serve as the first CFM Co-Directors for the program in 2005.

Professor Peter Forsyth

Duane Kennedy (May 2005 - June 2008)

Professor Duane Kennedy was appointed to serve as the first CFM Co-Directors for the program in 2005.

Ken Vetzal (July 2008 - June 2011)

Professot Ken Vetzal was appointed CFM Co-Director in 2008.

Professor Ken Vetzal

Yuying Li (July 2011 - June 2013 and September 2018 - July 2019)

Professor Yuying Li was appointed CFM Co-Director in 2011 for the first appointment term and in 2018 for the second appointment term.

Professor Yuying Li

Alan Huang (July 2014 - July 2019)

Professor Alan Huang was appointed CFM Co-Director in 2014.

Professor Alan Huang

Justin Wan (July 2019 - August 2023)

Professor Justin Wan was appointed CFM Co-Director in 2019.

Professor Justin Wan image

James Thompson (July 2019 - current)

Associate Professor James Thompson was appointed CFM Co-Director in 2019.

Associate Professor James Thompson image

George Labahn (July 2008 - June 2011, July 2013 - August 2018 and September 2023 - current)

Professor George Labahn was appointed CFM Co-Director in 2008 for his first appointment term, in 2013 for his second appointment term, and in 2023 for his third appointment term.

George Labahn