Two majors. One degree.

Computing and Financial Management (CFM) at Waterloo is the only program of its kind in Canada that combines studies in computer science and finance.

As a CFM student, you'll study two majors (computer science and finance) as a single degree to earn a Bachelor of Computing and Financial Management. The courses you'll take will prepare you for jobs in the technology, finance and/or Financial Technology (FinTech) industry.

FinTech is the new technology or innovations that aim to change the way we use traditional financial methods or services. Examples of this include the use of smart phones for mobile banking or mortgage appraisals. More and more banks are partnering with FinTech start ups to change the way they deliver customer service to their clients. FinTech become a trillion dollar industry and continues to grow. The industry is looking to hire job-ready graduates with the means and know-how to combine their knowledge in both finance and technology. CFM graduates are prepared to meet these demands with their unique combination of studies.

NEW! CFM is offering new courses in fall 2021

Future students starting their studies in September 2021 will have access to three new Fintech courses, exclusive to the CFM program. Fall 2021 will be the first official cohort to take these classes as part of their degree requiements.

The classes will offer a more integrated look at the intersection between computer science, math, and finance.

  • CFM 101 - Introduction to Financial Markets and Data Analytics > This course introduces financial markets and institutions, commonly used financial big data, and data schema and visualization therein. It covers fundamental functions of financial institutions and their usage of large data, and basic financial data management techniques. The course will focus on buy side institutions and stock market data.
  • CFM 301 - Intermediate Financial Data Analytics > This course covers financial data analytics in the areas of asset pricing, securities trading, and portfolio management. It covers data usage and application in basic testing of asset pricing theories, trading algorithms and strategies, back-testing techniques, and aspects of portfolio management associated with trading strategies.
  • CFM 401 - Topics in Financial Data Analytics > This course introduces current topics in financial data analytics.

FinTech is a fast-moving industry and the CFM provide aims to bring the hot and popular topics into its classes. The new curriculum is a first step in bringing the changing industry to the classroom. 

What is finance?

In deciding whether Computing and Financial Management is right for you, you may be wondering whether or not you're interested or understand what finance or computer science really is. Many students are readily able to take a highschool course or search up online topics about computer science but the same is not necessarily true of finance. To help you understand basic concepts in finance, let our CFM Co-Director and Associate Professor James Thompson take you through some problems. You will find that at its core, finance is incredibly mathematical.

Try out computer science and finance

If you are interested in Computing and Financial Management but are needing some background in computer science and finance, we recommend that you gain experience in these subjects before you apply. As a major in computer science and a major in finance, Computing and Financial Management students will be studying these areas each academic term. 

Taking a class in high school is a great way to grow your interest but you can also explore these great topics and resources. 

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  • Co-op advantage - The University of Waterloo is a global leader in co-operative education. We have the world's largest co-op program of its kind with more than double the amount of students than the next largest co-op program in Canada. CFM students participate in mandatory co-op as part of their studies.

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Student profile

CFM student Amy talking with classmateAmy was drawn to CFM because of the balance between computer science and finance, which will equip her for a successful career in FinTech.