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Programs and courses

The department has very active undergraduate and graduate programs. Approximately 30 students graduate from the department each year with BMath Honours degrees in Applied Mathematics or Mathematical Physics. The department has more than 30 Master's students and more than 40 PhD students.

Undergraduate programs

See here for general information about our undergraduate programs.

The following links provide detailed program descriptions:

Graduate programs

See here for general information about our graduate programs.

Detailed descriptions of the following programs can be found in the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar:

  • MMath Applied Mathematics
  • MMath Applied Mathematics (Quantum Information)
  • MMath Applied Mathematics (Water)
  • PhD Applied Mathematics
  • PhD Applied Mathematics (Quantum Information)
  • PhD Applied Mathematics (Water)

The Master's and PhD programs with Quantum Information or Water specialization have the same requirements as our regular Master's and PhD programs, plus certain additional courses.

Research information for the Department of Applied Mathematics can be found in our Research areas and by checking out the faculty profiles.