First-year courses

In the Faculty of Mathematics there are some common first year courses, such as Calculus, Algebra, and Computer Science, which every student in the Mathematics faculty must take in order to build a solid foundation in mathematical understanding.

For a major in Applied Mathematics these are the courses that should be taken in the first year:

  • MATH 135: Algebra for Honours Mathematics
  • MATH 136: Linear Algebra 1 for Honours Mathematics
  • MATH 137: Calculus 1 for Honours Mathematics
  • MATH 138: Calculus 2 for Honours Mathematics
  • CS 135: Designing Functional Programs
  • CS 136: Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction
  • PHYS 121: Mechanics and Waves 1 ¹
  • Three elective courses

A typical first year schedule would look like this:

Term Courses
1A MATH 135 MATH 137 CS 135 PHYS 121 Elective
1B MATH 136 MATH 138 CS 136 Elective Elective

1. Students planning on taking the Scientific Computation/AMATH program are not required to take first year physics.

Advanced level courses:

If you are interested in doing a double major with Pure Mathematics, or if you want a more rigorous introduction to Algebra and Calculus in first year, you can request permission to enrol in the advanced level versions of first year Algebra and Calculus, numbered:

MATH 145, MATH 146, MATH 147, and MATH 148