Research areas

Research in the Department of Applied Mathematics is carried out in the following five areas. (Applicants will be asked to select one or two areas of interest.)

The links above provide a broad picture of the current research activities in our department and of the research interests of departmental faculty members. Detailed information can be found by following the links to faculty members' individual websites.

Our graduate student's research is exhibited in recent PhD theses and recent Master's theses, and a sample of research posters presented at conferences.

In 2013, some Applied Math graduate students participated in an on-campus Three-Minute Thesis Competition, in which they were challenged to present their research to a broad audience. Videos of their presentations are linked below:

Aidan Chatwin-Davies - From the smallest length to the cosmos.

Amenda Chow - Control of hysteresis in a magnetic object.

Robert Jonsson - Relativistic Quantum Information - Co-winner of Faculty of Math heat.

Keenan Lyon - Graphene: A new material for biosensing.

Mikhail Panine - Inverse spectral geometry: hearing shapes.

Background and bridging courses:

Potential applicants may be unclear whether their background is suitable for work in the various research areas. In some cases, specialized material is required which may not have been studied earlier. We offer bridging courses to fill such gaps. These courses can be taken during the first two terms of study.