Conference posters on reseach conducted in the Applied Mathematics Department

Below you can find a sample of research posters that were presented at conferences by members of the Applied Mathematics Department:

Amenda Chow

Control and Dynamical Systems

Control of Infinite-Dimensional Systems (PDF)

Monjur Morshed, Dr. Brian Ingalls and Dr. Silvana Ilie

Mathematical Biology Stochastic Models of Biochemical Reaction Networks: Sensitivity Analysis (2015) (PDF)
Robert Gooding-Townsend, Steven ten Holder, Brian Ingalls Mathematical Biology Displacement of Bacterial Plasmids by Engineered Unilateral Incompatibility (2015) (PDF)
Matt Kloosterman, Sue Ann Campbell and Francis Poulin Mathematical Biology A Closed NPZ Model with Delayed Nutrient Recycling (2013) (PDF)
Nancy Soontiens, Marek Stastna and Michael Waite Fluid Mechanics Trapped wave solutions to the Dubreil-Jacotin- Long equation (2013) (PDF, size: 1.5MB)
Hans De Sterck and Tiffany Inglis Scientific Computing Algebraic Multigrid for Graphs and Images (2013) (PDF, size: 4MB)
Robert H. Jonsson, Eduardo Martín-Martínez and Achim Kempf Mathematical Physics Quantum Signalling with Unruh-DeWitt Detectors (2013) (PDF)
Michael Dunphy and Kevin Lamb Fluid Mechanics Normal mode scattering of the first mode internal tide by mesoscale eddy interaction (2012) (PDF, size: 4MB)
Yasunori Aoki, Ken Hayami, Hans De Sterck and Akihiko Konagaya Scientific Computing Cluster Newton Method: An Algorithm for Solving Underdetermined Inverse Problem Application to Parameter Identification for a Pharmacokinetics Model (2011) (PDF)