Graduate courses

Graduate course offerings in the Applied Mathematics department are classified as follows: 

  • 600-Series: Students entering our graduate program are sometimes missing key background material. The 600-series bridging courses are designed to fill such gaps. These courses are held with corresponding 400-level undergraduate courses; the graduate students take on additional work to engage with the material at an advanced level. These courses are normally offered every year. 
  • 700-Series: These courses present mathematical concepts and methods that are used in many areas in modern applied mathematics. These courses are normally offered every year.
  • 800-Series: These courses are of an advanced nature and are directly related to research activity in the department. A selection of these courses is offered each year.
  • 900-Series: These are specialized courses; their contents and terms of offering depend on instructor availability and student demand.

MMath (thesis) and PhD students may not count more than 1 graduate course that is cross-listed with an undergraduate course for credit towards their MMath (thesis) or PhD degrees. This restriction applies to all 600-level AMATH courses and any cross-listed courses offered by other departments. MMath (research paper) students are allowed to take at most three of these courses for credit. 

Please visit the Graduate calendar for course descriptions.


AMATH 642 Computational Methods for Partial Differential Equations
AMATH 651 Introduction to Dynamical Systems
AMATH 653 Partial Differential Equations 2
AMATH 655 Control Theory
AMATH 656 Calculus of Variations
AMATH 663 Fluids Mechanics
AMATH 673 Quantum Mechanics
AMATH 674 Quatum Theory 3: Quantum Information and Foundations
AMATH 675 General Relativity                                                
AMATH 677 Stochastic Processes for Applied Mathematics


AMATH 731 Applied Functional Analysis
AMATH 732 Asymptotic Analysis and Perturbation Theory
AMATH 740 Numerical Analysis
AMATH 741 Numerical Methods of Partial Differential Equations
AMATH 751 Advanced Ordinary Differential Equations
AMATH 753 Advanced Partial Differential Equations
AMATH 777 Stochastic Processes in the Physical Sciences


AMATH 840 Advanced Numerical Methods for Computational and Data Sciences
AMATH 841 Finite Element Methods
AMATH 851 Stability Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations
AMATH 855 Advanced Systems Analysis and Control
AMATH 863 Hydrodynamic Stability and Turbulence
AMATH 867 Dispersive and Nonlinear Waves
AMATH 871 Quantum Information Processing
AMATH 872 Quantum Fields for Cosmology
AMATH 873 Quantum Field Theory
AMATH 874 Advanced General Relativity
AMATH 875 General Relativity for Cosmology
AMATH 876 Open Quantum Systems
AMATH 881 Introduction to Mathematical Oncology
AMATH 882 Mathematical Cell Biology


AMATH 900 Topics in Applied Mathematics