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What is Applied Mathematics?

Applied Mathematics is a challenging but exciting and practical area of study. As a discipline it occupies the fertile ground between Pure Mathematics on one side and science and engineering on the other. Traditionally, Applied Mathematics has been closely associated with physics but nowadays it encompasses a broad range of areas of application including biology, medicine, and economics.

If you are in high school in Ontario, the name "Applied Mathematics" may mean something completely different to you, since there it refers to the basic level mathematics courses.

To fully appreciate what is involved in Applied Mathematics at Waterloo, you need to find out what you can learn in our programs.

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Undergraduate programs in Applied Mathematics

All Applied Mathematics programs incorporate foundational courses in Calculus, Differential Equations, and Computational Methods, together with a choice of specialized courses, which can be tailored to your own interests. The foundational courses provide the tools for formulating and analyzing mathematical models in a broad range of disciplines. The specialized courses provide an introduction to the areas of research in the department and are taught by professors who are actively involved in the research. The focus in all our courses is the development of intellectual discipline and reasoning abilities that will make you versatile and effective in meeting challenges in the workplace or in graduate school.

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