Prospective students

Information for non-university students

So you are interested in Fluid or Continuum mechanics, what do you do? Well the first step is to apply to University of Waterloo undergraduate mathematics program,  more information on this can be found on the Find Out More website. All undergraduate math students start out in this general program, until your second year where you are asked to choose a major. For Fluid or Continuum mechanics you will want to choose the Applied math major which includes Continuum & Fluid MechanicsControl TheoryDifferential EquationsDynamical SystemsQuantum TheoryRelativity and CosmologyScientific Computing and, Waves. At the University of Waterloo you also have the option to choose a co-op program which allows you to gain work experience throughout your program. There are two courses at the undergraduate level, Continuum Mechanics in third year and Fluid Mechanics in fourth year. These two courses only offer introductions into these two fields to further learn about these subjects you need to peruse a graduate degree.