Scientific Computing

What is Scientific Computing?

Computer simulations of mathematical models play an indispensible role in the development of technology and in scientific research. Think of biomedical research, satellite communication systems, pollution control - the list is endless! This activity goes by the name of Scientific Computing.

As an Applied Mathematics student, you can learn how to develop fast and accurate algorithms for solving a wide variety of problems on computers. Algorithm development is most successful when it is grounded in solid mathematics, combined with an understanding of the application at hand. In our Applied Mathematics courses, you will get a thorough education in both.

Below we present one particular example where understanding of mathematics and gas flow theory allows applied mathematicians to develop computer simulation models of supersonic gas flow in nozzles. These kinds of simulations give engineers the tools to develop powerful devices that can fly at supersonic speeds. As you will see, there are interesting historical facts, as well as modern high-tech applications in aerospace. And yes, this is definitely also rocket science!

More information about numerical methods for supersonic gas flow simulation in nozzles.