Majors, minors and specializations

The Department of Applied Mathematics offers a variety of plans that lead to the BMath Honours degree, as follows:

Advisory Notes:

If you are in co-op you may need to make a sequence change. The recommended co-op sequences can be found on the plan schedules for Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics

It is essential that you refer to the Undergraduate Calendar for the complete requirements for each plan.

PHYS 121 is not required for Applied Mathematics with Scientific Computing.

Combination Plans:

A major in Applied Mathematics may also be combined with a major in another department in a joint or double plan.  Note the difference between a "double plan" and a "joint plan":

  • For a "double plan" you must satisfy all the requirements of both departments
  • For a "joint plan" the requirements of each department are somewhat reduced

Two popular combination plans are:

  • Joint Applied Mathematics/Computer Science
  • Double Applied Mathematics/Pure Mathematics

All academic programs require a certain number of courses within the Math faculty but outside of the Applied Mathematics program. In consultation with the other departments we have put together information on sensible "math elective" courses available to our students.

Applied Mathematics Minor:

An Applied Math Minor can be combined with most other majors in the Faculty of Mathematics.

A Pure Math Minor is easily attainable from the Mathematical Physics program.