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Applied Mathematics: Mathematics applied to the natural sciences and engineering

Applied Mathematics is both practical and exciting. As a discipline it occupies the fertile ground between pure mathematics on one side, and science and engineering on the other. The plans in this discipline will teach you to apply a variety of mathematical and computational tools to solve problems in the context of science and engineering. You will find that calculus, together with the related subject of differential equations, is of fundamental importance in these plans, since it provides the foundation for most mathematical models in science and engineering.

Upon completion of their degree, some of our students work in research, development and consulting, in areas as diverse as aerospace, environment, communications, finance, energy and software. Others pursue graduate studies in applied mathematics, computer science, engineering or physics.

Here is a glimpse of what Applied Math is about and what you can learn in our courses.

So, if you are bright and motivated, and enjoy mathematics, consider enrolling in Applied Mathematics - we would like to work with you.

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Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies
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