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Applied Math for non-majors

There is a variety of AMATH courses that are accessible to non-majors.

  • AMATH 231 Calculus 4

    Prerequisite: A strong background in Calculus 1, 2 and 3.

  • AMATH 250 Introduction to Differential Equations

    Prerequisite: Calculus 2

  • AMATH 242 Introduction to Computational Mathematics

    Prerequisites: Calculus 3, Linear Algebra 2

  • AMATH 342 Computational Methods for Differential Equations

    Prerequisite: Calculus 3, AMATH 341

  • AMATH 350 Differential Equations for Business & Economics

    Prerequisite: Calculus 3, Linear Algebra 2, Statistics and a course in Business/Economics (see the Undergraduate Calendar)

  • AMATH 382 Computational Modelling of Celluar Systems

    Prerequisite: Calculus 2

  • AMATH 456 Calculus Variations

    Prerequisite: Calculus 3

There are also other third and fourth year courses that may be of interest to non-majors. For example, if you are interested in:

  • An in depth treatment of differential equations you could follow AMATH 250 with:
    • AMATH 351 Ordinary Differential Equations 2, and
    • AMATH 451 Dynamical Systems
  • The representation of curves and surfaces in computer graphics you could follow AMATH 231 with:
    • AMATH 333 Differential Geometry and Tensor Analysis
  • Einstein's theory of relativity you could follow AMATH 231 and AMATH 261 with:
    • AMATH 475 Introduction to General Relativity
  • Mathematical finance, an introduction to partial differential equations is part of the necessary background:
    • AMATH 353 Partial Differential Equations 1