Why CFM?

In Computing and Financial Management (CFM), you will study two majors: computer science and finance. Taking a balanced combination of computer science and math courses as well as financial management, economics, and arts courses, you will broaden your knowledge in the areas of both computer science and finance.

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In addition to your course studies, you will get up to two years of work experience working for different companies as a co-op student. The knowledge that you'll gain inside and outside of the classroom will prepare you for a full-time career in technology, finance, and/or financial technology (FinTech).

Discover what makes CFM special and see how it compares to other similar programs at Waterloo. 

Why study with us

  • Balanced studies in computer science and finance - Computing and Financial Management (CFM) is made possible by the collaboration of two schools in two faculties: Canada's premier School of Accounting and Finance in the Faculty of Arts, and the world-renowned David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science in the Faculty of Mathematics. You'll take an equal number of courses offered by each school to prepare for your future career.
  • Two years of co-op experience – Fund your education and grow your job skill set with 5-6 co-op opportunities. You will get real-life experience working with different companies in Canada or around the world.
  • Prepare your career for a professional designation - CFM is a member of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) University Affiliation Program. As a CFM student, you'll take courses that are approved by the CFA Institute to prepare you to write the CFA exams.
  • Earn the skills for full-time jobs that are in demand within the technology, finance, and FinTech industry.
  • One-on-one support - CFM students are well supported during their studies by a dedicated Program Manager. The Program Manager is the recruiter, academic advisor, and student engagement officer for all CFM students. Additionally, all first-year CFM students receive guidance from our upper-year students as part of our CFM Mentorship Program.
  • A small community of students - With an entry-class of 50 students, CFM is a small program. Our students are eager to make connections and provide guidance on their learnings to others. You can expect to make lots of connections at our CFM events.