Student services

Attaining the Bachelor of Computing and Financial Management is a challenging, rewarding, and transformative experience that will be slightly different for each individual CFM student. At Waterloo, we are interested in your ideas and helping you strengthen the skills necessary to bring those ideas to fruition. This means not only providing you with technical and theoretical concepts, but also workshops, tutoring, counseling, and career advising.

The CFM Program Manager is your first and main point of contact for all of your questions including (but not limited to) course enrolment, course difficulties and challenges, sequence changes, program changes, CFM specific questions, getting involved on campus, student resources and tutoring, etc. If you don't know where to find the answer, start with the Program Manager and she will direct you.

Student Success Office (SSO)

Location: South Campus Hall (SCH)

As you may have guessed, the SSO is here to help you succeed! SSO hosts a variety of workshops focused on exploring the principles of leadership, understanding your personality dimensions, refining presentation skills, and much more. SSO also has staff who can provide success coaching and is one of many offices on campus that offers tutoring services.

Counselling Services

Location: Needles Hall Expansion (NH)

Counselling Services offers coping skills seminars, workshops, and Group Therapy. The coping skills seminar topics include, but are not limited to: cultivating resiliency, managing emotions, and strengthening motivation; while the workshops focus on mindfulness, overcoming procrastination, and the positive mental and physical impact of healthy eating.

Drop-in tutoring and academic coaching

Drop-in tutoring is available to CFM students across campus:

Co-op preparation and career coaching

Location: Tatham Centre (TC)

Waterloo has the world's largest co-op program and with that comes a wealth of experience, resources, and supports to help you get the most out of your co-op experience.

International experience 

International Exchange

If you're interested in an international exchange outside of Europe, you can reach out to Cathy Honsberger for more information. She can walk you through the application process and tell you all about the timeline to apply. Visit her asap to get your studies set up for travel in your third year.

Global Experience Certificate

The Global Experience Certificate (GEC) provides you with a unique opportunity to showcase your capacity to be a global citizen and demonstrate your adaptability, cultural sensitivity and cross-cultural communication skills.

To date, 120 Arts students have completed the program and graduated with the certificate. This year we are hoping to engage even more students!