Transferring to Computing and Financial Management

At some point in your university career, you may come to realize that another program is better suited to your interests and career aspirations. If you would like to be considered for a transfer to Computing and Financial Management (CFM), please review our requirements.

Winter 2021 transfer applications

If you are interested in a transfer for winter 2021 and you satisfy our minimum requirements (below), please send an email to Heather Steinmetz, CFM Program Manager by Monday, January 4 for consideration. Transfer requests will be reviewed and assessed by Friday, January 8. Courses for winter may be added until January 18, 2021 for winter term. 

Please review process to request a transfer by program before sending a message. 

Minimum requirements for internal transfer

If you are a Computer Science (Co-op), Software Engineering or Waterloo-based Business Administration and Computer Science Double Degree student you will have other transfer conditions.

Transfers to CFM from other post-secondary institution are not eligible for admissions. 

Courses Minimum grades per class (updated November 2020)
Mathematics (e.g. MATH, STATS, ACTSC) Low 80s
Computer science Low 80s
Arts (e.g. AFM, ECON, SPCOM, PHIL, ENGL) Low 80s
  • We also require at least a minimum overall average of 80% (all courses combined).
  • You must complete CS 136 - Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction for transfer consideration.
  • For a transfer to CFM, we will consider ALL grades in ALL terms in our assessment.
  • The requirements above are minimums for consideration and may not reflect the actual cutoffs for selection into the program.
  • If you do not satisfy these minium requirements, consider other programs that are similar to CFM

Course requirements

* You may take CS 115 and CS 116 instead of CS 135 but it will take longer to transfer as CS 115 is a pre-requisite to CS 116. 


CFM is a co-op only program. You will already need to be part of a co-op program to be eligible for a transfer.

If you're currently a Math Regular student, you'll need to review the requirements to transfer from regular to co-op. All other students should contact their academic advisor for information on co-op.

Important notes

  • Transfer requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis each term.
  • Transfers into CFM are competitive and are not guaranteed.
  • Students who transfer into CFM must stay at least two full-time academic terms before transferring to computer science.
  • You should speak with your academic advisor before attempting a transfer.

NEW! Assessment of CR/NCR grades

As a result of COVID-19, changes are being made to the course grading of certain classes. It is possible to use CR/NCR (credit/no credit) marks in place of actual grades for transfer consideration but actual grades are preferred, where possible. A code will be added to your transcript to indicate which courses you have requested to be converted to CR/NCR and which courses a professor has requested this grade. 

To be eligible for a transfer, you must have at least an 80% overall average for consideration and you must also have an actual grade for CS136 (minimum 80%). Transfers are assessed on a case-by-case basis and judgement will be used to determine whether CR/NCR can be used in a decision. 

Process to request a transfer by program

If you meet our minimum requirements, follow the steps to request a transfer into CFM based on your program of study. 

Transfer students from another post-secondary institution are not eligible to apply to CFM because of the limitations of the co-op program. 

Similar programs to CFM 

As it is competitive to transfer into the CFM program, there are other similar programs that you may want to consider to study finance and computer science/technology.