Transferring to Computing and Financial Management

At some point in your university career, you may come to realize that another program is better suited to your interests and career aspirations.

If you would like to be considered for a transfer to Computing and Financial Management (CFM), please review our minimum requirements and transfer procedures below. If you'd like to transfer into the Faculty of Mathematics or Computer Science, please review the specific guidelines and deadlines.

Last updated: January 2020

Minimum requirements (for Waterloo students only)

NOTE: If you are a Computer Science (Co-op), Software Engineering or Waterloo-based Business Administration and Computer Science Double Degree student, please review the appropriate program tab below under "Process for requesting a transfer to CFM".

Minimum grades for each class
Math courses (e.g. MATH, STATS, ACTSC) High 70s in each
Computer science courses Low 80s in each
Arts courses (e.g. AFM, ECON, SPCOM, PHIL, ENGL) High 70s in each
  • We also require at least a minimum overall average of 80% (all courses combined).
  • For a transfer, you will need to complete your 1A term for consideration. Most of our decisions will be made after you've completed your 1B term so that you can complete CS 136 - Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction as this is a better indicator of your abilities in computer science.
  • For a transfer to CFM, we will consider ALL grades in ALL terms in our assessment.

Course requirements

For transfer consideration, you will need to complete CS 135*, Math 127/137 as well as at least one of AFM 101, AFM 131, ECON 101, ECON 102, or another arts course (AFM or ECON courses are preferred) prior to a transfer.

You are encouraged to also complete Math 135, Math 136, Math 138 and CS 136 before seeking a transfer into the CFM program.

* You are welcome to take CS 115 and CS 116 (CS 116 requires CS 115 is a pre-requisite) in lieu of CS 135 but it will take longer for transfer consideration if you choose to enroll in CS 115 and then CS 116.


CFM is a co-op only program. You will need to be part of a co-op program to be eligible for a transfer.

If you're currently a Math Regular student, you'll need to review the requirements to transfer from regular to co-op. All other students should contact their academic advisor for information on co-op.

  • CS 135 is not offered in the spring term. Online classes are not available for required computer science courses.
  • Transfers into the Computing and Financial Management program are competitive and are not guaranteed after the completion of the courses listed above. You're encouraged to speak with your current academic advisor about your academic plan to discuss your program options before attempting a transfer, especially if you are part of a program with a structured academic plan.
  • If you are successfully transferred into the CFM program, you must stay at least two full-time academic terms before being eligible to transfer into Computer Science. If you are interested in the Computer Science program, you should apply directly to that program.

Process for requesting a transfer to CFM

Transfers into CFM are assessed on a case-by-case basis and are reviewed on request each term. Selection is based on academic merit and space availability in the program. The requirements above are minimums for consideration and may not reflect the actual cutoffs for selection into the program; this is based on the number and caliber of students interested in transferring each term. Transfers are based on university marks.

Students enrolled at UWaterloo

If you meet our minimum requirements, select one of the program categories below that applies to you and follow the steps to request a transfer into CFM.