As a student in the Computing and Financial Management (CFM) program, you are both bright and incredibly talented but have many commitments to divide your time. Since we want you to excel personally, professionally, and academically, we offer a number of resources to support you.

  • Academic resources - Take the lead in managing your academic success by reviewing your CFM degree requirements (including co-op, professional development courses and classes), planning your course sequences, attending tutorial sessions, understanding academic policies, and seeking academic advising.
  • Co-op and career development - Discover the many resources available to you on campus to find your next co-op and career opportunity in industry, research or entrepreneurship.
  • Student services - Get the support you need to succeed in your academics and personal development by referring to the resources available to you on and off campus.
  • Student life - Student life goes beyond your studies inside the classroom, it's your connection to the people and things on campus. It can leverage your academic experience or give you a necessary escape, depending on how you choose to live it.
  • Professional pathways - Develop an even deeper mastery of computer science, finance, or business through continued studies at the graduate level or by pursuing a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.
  • Ready to graduate - Complete your graduation to-do-list in preparation for your final term and upcoming convocation.

Transferring to CFM

If you are currently enrolled in another program at Waterloo or are attending another university and are interested in a transfer to CFM, please review our minimum requirements and procedures for consideration.