Student life

Student life is far more than what you study and the grades you achieve. In fact, a rich, engaged, and balanced life will likely contribute positively to consistent academic success. Computing and Financial Management (CFM) students are all extremely intelligent individuals, but they are also skilled at finding ways to get involved outside of the classroom in a variety of activities that suit their interests.

CFM Community


Each month, the Program Manager will send you an email of important dates and events to watch out for. Check your waterloo email regularly to ensure you don’t miss out.


You will have the opportunity to connect with your peers at numerous CFM and SAF events. If you’re new to the CFM community you’ll quickly learn that upper-year students have an immense amount of knowledge, insight, and advice that they are eager to share.


The CFM Mentorship program is another medium through which CFM students give back. As an incoming student you will be paired with a mentor. If you’d like to connect with CFM alumni, contact the Program Manager.

CFM students play an integral role in the development and success of the CFM program.

Volunteer opportunities

OUFThroughout the year, students are invited to participate in recruitment events where they have the opportunity to meet and speak with future students and their families. Students can also contact the Program Manager to arrange to present at one of the many CFM events that take place each term.

Clubs and associations

A complete list of clubs can be found on the Federation of Students website.

Here's a sample of associations you may be interested in:

Each association's website has event listings that include social activities, workshops, presentations, and information sharing events. Don't miss out!

Athletics and Campus Recreation

Whatever your fitness or activity level, there are a variety of ways to be active on campus:

Kitchener-Waterloo (KW) area

Make it your personal goal to eat your way up and down King Street; find your favourite spot in Waterloo Park to spend time outdoors; visit museums and shop the boutiques. Whatever you do, be sure to explore Waterloo Region.