Ready to graduate

Submit an Application to Graduate

To find out what you need to do in order to confirm your graduation from Waterloo, please see information for graduating students on the Registrar's Office website. Computing and Financial Management (CFM) students who follow the prescribed sequence normally complete the BCFM degree requirements in April and are, therefore, required to submit their form by March 1st for attendance at the spring convocation ceremony.

Please make sure that you have verified your degree requirements and are on track to graduate before submitting the form.

Schedule your grad photo

CFM students are encouraged to have their photos taken to be included in a class composite for each graduating class. Portrait sessions can be arranged through Lifetouch Photography located in the lower level of the Student Life Centre (SLC). For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 519-888-4567, ext. 37539, or email Lifetouch Photography.

RSVP to the CFM Grad dinner

We celebrate you! Each winter term CFM students who will be attending the June or October convocation ceremonies for that year are invited to the CFM Grad Dinner. The Program Manager will extend an invitation to soon-to-be graduates requesting an RSVP in March. In attendance are past and present Co-Directors, the Program Manager, and of course, the graduating class.

Find out more about your convocation ceremony

The Registrar’s Office has put together an extensive checklist and step-by-step guide on their website to help you navigate the graduation process. Please read through this helpful information and direct any questions about these steps directly to the The Centre (Registrar's Office) for more details.

Please note that since CFM is part of both the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Mathematics, our students rotate each year between which faculty cohort they graduate with. Please keep this information in mind when you’re looking up dates and times for your graduation. In 2024, CFM students will be graduating with the Faculty of Mathematics.

Unfortunately, you cannot choose which faculty you want to graduate with during the year of your convocation. You will still earn a Bachelor of Computing and Financial Management degree regardless of the ceremony you attend.

Arrange your work permit

If you require a work permit for your next work opportunity and need proof of completion before your scheduled convocation ceremony, reach out to The Centre for more information.