About Computing and Financial Management

They've seen it many times

Two professors smiling at the camera.

Too often, information technology people scratch their heads over modern finance and accounting, while finance people don't know enough about computer science to gauge whether what they're asking their IT counterparts to do is technologically feasible.

"It was high time to create an innovative program to help students lead the way in both disciplines." -Peter Forsyth, Computer Science Professor and CFM Co-founder 

"The financial services industry needs professionals who can bridge that gulf and CFM graduates do just that." -Ken Vetzal, Finance Professor and CFM Co-founder

From the very beginning, the creation of this program was influenced by an acute awareness of the connections between technology and finance. Technology impacts every aspect of day-to-day operations in many organizations, especially those in the financial services industry. Just think of the technology you'll find in a financial institution, such as a bank:

E-business Compliance Business intelligence
Banking applications Wealth management Document management
Risk management Customer relations management Portfolio management
Quality assurance Security Trading systems
Back office Web services Wireless

The financial services industry relies so heavily on the capabilities of its technology that some might argue this industry is really in the information technology business.