CFM Student Blog: What an enriching journey!

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Written by Johnson, a third-year CFM student about his experience in the Schulich Strategy Discipline Case Competition. 

How small things add up, and you accomplish something big.

Recently, I participated in the Schulich Strategy Discipline Case Competition, where delegates from various prestigious Canadian universities compete with each other by solving a complex business problem. I have the pleasure to team up with three other talented AFM students, Angela, Bianca, and Kevin, and we were able to bring the best out of us and placed first in the case competition.

With our outstanding performance, I realized how well the Computing Financial Management (CFM) program really prepared me for the real world by offering me top-notched curriculums, coops, and other extra-curriculums activities. The CFM program offers core courses in both computer science and accounting/finance, I felt I was well equipped going into the case competition with the knowledge that I have acquired in my classes. In addition, I’ve worked in many industries, including technology, capital markets, management consulting, and venture capital during my co-op terms. It was a diversified background and multi-disciplinary expertise that I was able to analyze the case from different perspectives. Finally, the School of Accounting and Finance offers many great extra-curriculum activities (networking events, info sessions, seminars) and there are many great clubs (consulting club, investment club, accounting club, etc.) on campus. I have made many friends and explored a plethora of interests outside of the classroom. All of these small things really add up and help me to achieve bigger goals in life.

Reflecting on my experience, I am happy that I have chosen the CFM co-op program. The school really offers plenty of resources to its students and it has truly been an enriching journey. I am confident that education will open many doors after my graduation.