Academic resources

Computing and Financial Management (CFM) is a structured program that challenges you to make connections between computer science, finance and professional work (or co-op). To be successful with this structure, you need to manage many different priorities and balance your studies.

To help you be successful, we offer a number of different academic resources to support in your studies from first year to graduation.

Student support

  • Academic advising - Get answers to all of your questions related to CFM with academic advising. Find out common advising questions and learn when to meet for office hours.

  • Degree requirements and sequence of courses - Understand what you need to graduate by reviewing your academic requirements and plan out your classes using our sequence of courses and common electives.

  • Academic progression and policies - Find out what you need to achieve each term to successfully progress through CFM and reach through our academic policies to make sure that you're satisfying your academic calendar requirements.

  • Tutorial centres and peer support - Bring your work and questions to one of our many tutorial centres and get the help you need with math and computer science. You can also reach out with more general questions through our CFM Mentorship program (first years only).

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Transferring to CFM

If you are currently enrolled in another program at Waterloo and are interested in a transfer to CFM, please review our minimum requirements and procedures for consideration. Applicants from another university or college program are not eligible for transfer.