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Thank you to the employers who have hired CFM students! You truly enrich the student experience, as they do your organizations. For those who have yet to experience the benefit of hiring a CFM student and are interested in learning more about what they have to offer, please connect with the Program Manager.

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Strengths of CFM students

Students in CFM develop strong mathematical reasoning and creative problem-solving skills while simultaneously amassing expertise in computer science and finance.

Computer Science Finance

Solid understanding of computer systems, applications, and mathematical foundations of computer science including:

  • Programming - using high and low-level languages; using a number of programming paradigms including procedural, functional, and object-oriented programming
  • Data structures and algorithm design and analysis 
  • Software engineering principles - large-scale program design and software architecture; using rigorous testing and debugging techniques, tools, and methodologies
  • Computer systems design and implementation - programming with processes, threads, context switching, system calls, scheduling, and interprocess communication; experience making appropriate implementation choices in software development based on the impact of an operating system, memory management, virtual memory, and file system

Strong knowledge of and experience with financial analysis, decision making, planning and monitoring, and problem solving in finance and business including:

  • Functional competencies - analysis of financial performance for a variety of users; investing and financing activities and policies; implementation and monitoring of financial risk management systems
  • Understanding business - evaluation of investing and financing decisions; exploration of global financial systems, capital markets, the legal and regulatory framework; appreciation of micro- and macroeconomic forces in Canada
  • Business communications

Their availability

CFM students alternate between terms of school and terms of work and are available year-round. Work terms are usually four months long, but CFM students can also accept eight-month opportunities.

Year 1 F Study
W Study
S Work
Year 2 F Study
W Work
S Study
Year 3 F Work
W Study
S Work
Year 4 F Study
W Work
S Study
Year 5 F Work
W Study

F = fall term (September to December); W = winter term (January to April); S = spring term (May to August)