Tuition and funding

Plan out your studies with Computing and Financial Management (CFM) by calculating the cost of your projected tuition and fees. Find out how you can continue to fund your studies once you're on campus. 

Tuition and fees

Tuition and fees for the CFM program are available through Student Financial Services. Tuition costs change each term and are approved annually by the Board of Governers. See our tuition schedule for CFM and find our costs for domestic and internatuonal students. Our tuition costs are reported under "Undergraduate Fees Schedule" under both the Faculty of Mathematics and the Faculty of Arts. 

Tuition costs for CFM increase starting in second year. All amounts are listed in Canadian dollars. The cost of housing and/or meal plans are not included in these totals.

Finance your education

The cost of education can be expensive but there are many ways that you can fund your studies.


CFM offers 5-6 co-op work terms, or up to two years of paid work experience, to help cover the costs of your education. You can earn between $77 and $122K over 6 work terms, depending on the position and company you work for. Many of our students complete their program debt free from the salaries that they earn while on co-op!

Scholarships and bursaries

You may be eligible to receive scholarship and/or bursaries to financial support your first year of studies. You will be considered for most Waterloo scholarships when you apply but bursaries often require an application. Find out if you're eligible for consideration.

Eligibility Scholarship/Bursary Amount(s)
95%+ application average President’s Scholarship of Distinction

$2,000 Entrance Scholarship


$1,500 International Experience Award


$1,500 Research Award

90 - 94.9% application average President’s Scholarship $2,000
85 - 89.9% application average Merit Scholarship $1,000
Academic average, Euclid Contest and/or Canadian Senior Math Contest and Admissions Information Form (AIF) Computing and Financial Management Entrance Scholarship $3,000 or $4,000
Review eligibility requirements University-wide scholarships Varies
Review eligibility requirements Waterloo bursaries Varies

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

The province of Ontario provides financial assistance (OSAP) for eligible students living in Ontario. We encourage you to see if you qualify. If you live outside of Ontario, you can learn about other Canadian and U.S. student loan programs.

Campus employment

The University of Waterloo employs over 4000 of its undergraduate and graduate students every year. Each term, jobs are available for students to apply.

Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship (URA)

Build your knowledge and skill set in paid research with a URA opportunity. You'll work alongside a professor to conduct actual research within the University. Positions are available part-time during your study term or for four months during co-op. Connect with a professor in any program or discipline at Waterloo to find out more about these opportunities.

Work-study program

The work-study program is a part-time employment option available to students who require assistance in covering their education-related costs. This opportunity is available to both domestic and international students.


There are many different job opportunities in and around campus for you to find work. Find out all of the listings available through Waterloo.