Part-time Casual/Student Employment

you eat where you live, why not work where you eatUW Food Services will offer you valuable work experience!

We have over 20 locations across campus. Our commitment to excellence can only be enhanced when we have the opportunity to employ awesome part time staff, and of course the outstanding students here at UWaterloo! 

How to Apply: 

  • New! Online application - fill out the online form and upload your resume and completed availability form (as two separate documents). 

  • Please only submit one application.

Why should YOU work for US?

  • convenient work locations on campus - no need to travel
  • flexible work schedules compatible with your classes and exams - school comes first!
  • money! start at $14.25/hour, under 18 start at $13.25/hour
  • great deals on delicious meals
  • gain valuable work experience
  • meet fantastic people and build great relationships relevant to today's customer service-focused economy
  • we appreciate the work you do and are always happy to provide a reference
  • no experience necessary!

What do WE want from YOU?  

  • commitment to UW Food Services' core values of customers, convenience and choice
  • commitment to deliver personalized, friendly and knowledgeable service

    If you would like more information about a specific eatery, please visit our locations and hours page.