Kitchen and Grocery Resources

Congratulations! You're living on your own, and ready to take on the big world of University! You're ready to dive into the academics, studying and all that reading.  But for some of you, this may be your first time shopping and cooking for yourself! Let us help you! 

We have compiled a great range of kitchen and grocery resources for you here, that can help you navigate the stores and your kitchen with a bit more ease!

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Grocery and Prep Tools 

Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping

Cooking Pot iconBefore you start, Registered Dietitian Nicole has the information to help you out! Read these quick tips to help you know what to do before you go shopping, once you're at the store and how to select the food that's right for you! Then, check out the grocey checklist and meal planner template below! Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping

Nutritious Grocery List

Box of Grains

This document provides you with a checklist that you can use to ensure you purchase nutritious foods.  You can then head over to our recipes page to use these items to make up some simple, no fuss, and majorly yummy meals! Download it here! Nutritious Grocery List

Easy Meal Planner Template

Fork, plate and knift iconUse this to plan ahead! Meal planning can seem overwhelming before you start, but we can help! It offers a table for you to plan your next few meals, as well as ideas, tips and tricks on how to make meal planning easier. Use our recipes page to get inspiration! Easy Meal Planner Template

Kitchen and Food Preparation Tools

Here are some tools to help you with food prep and making delicious meals.  These are handy charts and graphics that show you safe cooking temperatures, how to stock your fridge, and how to adjust recipes to the amount you would like to make! We've found these handy guidelines from different sites for you to refer to regularly! 

Fridge & Freezer Storage Guide

Two containers iconThis handy guide shows the safest place to put your food in your fridge and how long it should last, if stored correctly.  We recommend dating your food when you purchase it, especially if it's raw meat or fish. It's good to keep in mind what you usually keep in your fridge when you choose the temperature that you'll be setting it for. Fridge & Freezer Storage Guide

Vegetable Shelf Life Guide

Apple IconWhat should you use first, the asparagus or the broccoli? How long will this cabbage last? If you have ever wondered which vegetables need to be eaten first and which can sit in your fridge for a week, we've got you covered! This chart breaks down how long you have to eat your vegetables and where they should be stored! Vegetable shelf life guide

Cooking Times

Cooking time iconDon't know how long to cook to steam your broccoli or cook your rice? Look no further! The charts on this page will help you with everything from grains, to vegetables and meat! This is a guideline to help guide you in cooking times, however if you want your food crunchier or a bit softer, adjust accordingly! Cooking times

Metric Conversion

Scale iconHave you ever found a recipe online, but it's in ounces? We have too. That's why we've found this helpful chart that helps convert grams to ml, fareneheit to celsius, and ounces to ml! Keep this close by when you're googling recipes and you'll have no trouble cooking them up! Metric conversion

Food Safety and Storage

Food Safety

Health Canada COVID-19 Food Safety - Made by the Government of Canada - some tips on how to maintain the safest food practices including: safe grocery shopping, safe food washing, and safe food delivery 

Unlock Food Tips for Washing Produce - Everyday tips for washing produce - so helpful! 

Food Storage

Kitchen and Food Tools - Our tips on how to best store and preapre your foods. 

Health Canada Safe Food Storage  - This helps you know the best temperatures to store all your foods to prevent contimination 

Unlock Food - Safe Storage - How to keep your food fresh as long as possible! 

Affordable Food

Affordable Food

Shopping on a Budget - We've laid out some simple ways to ensure you keep your grocery bill down while still getting all the food you'll need! 

Region of Waterloo Affordable Food - Find access to affordable food in the Waterloo Region here 

WUSA Food Bank - WUSA has a food bank for students who are in need of supplies