Diet restrictions and allergies

Diet Restrictions

UW Food Services supports and accommodates dietary needs on campus! We have gluten free, halal, vegan and vegetarian options in all our residence eateries. We also have an all vegan concept, FRSH, located in the Applied Health Sciences Building.

The easiest way to identify dietary friendly options is to look for our nutrition symbols (pictured below!) on ingredient labels, menu boards, and on-the-go sandwiches, wraps and salads.

If you’re not sure about whether a food or meal choice fits your dietary needs, just ask! Our staff are happy to answer your questions about any of our food options.

Vegetarian, Vegan, halal, made without dairy and made without gluten dietary logos

Food Allergies

Our key message to students coming to Waterloo with food allergies or serious dietary restrictions is to self-identify. Our Food Services team supports students living with food allergies, and are happy to help identify appropriate food choices. If you have an allergy or diet restriction, please let our staff know!

Food Allergy Disclaimer

The University of Waterloo does not have allergen-free food service facilities.

We cannot guarantee that food prepared on-site has not come into contact with allergens, and do not assume any liability for adverse reactions. The common allergens identified on our labels are based on ingredients listed in the recipe, and supplier product information.

While we make every attempt to identify ingredients that may cause reactions in people with food allergies, and inform our staff on the severity of food allergies, there is always a risk of contamination.

Our bakery produces baked goods that contain wheat, nuts and other allergens. We cannot guarantee the absence of cross‐contamination in our baked foods.

There is also the possibility that manufacturers may change product ingredients at any time and without notice. Customers concerned with food allergies need to be aware of this risk.

We encourage anyone who may need to use an Epi-Pen or other medication carry that with them at all times while on campus.

Our Commitment to all Students

We make every effort to minimize risk for students with identified allergies, and have safely housed students with dietary needs and allergies in our residence dining facilities in the past. All our staff also receive food-safe handling training and know the importance of food safety and preventing cross-contamination.

We are not however an allergy free facility, making it imperative that students with allergies identify themselves to our food services team so that we can work with you to customize a safe and delicious dining experience.

If possible, students with a food allergy should plan to visit the University to meet with our dietitian, residence chef, and residence supervisor prior to the start of the academic year to review options.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about dietary accommodation please get in touch, we are here to help!