One of our Farm to Campus Fresh key messages is: We support over 75 local farmers

Well, what does that mean? 

UW Food Services is one of the largest members at the Elmira Produce Auction Coop (EPAC).  Elmira is a small town just north of Waterloo – less than 20 km!  EPAC is where local farmers bring their freshly grown produce and it is sold to members in auction format.  This happens several times a week, keeping our kitchens full of local, fresh, and seasonal produce.

What happens off season? Or when we order through large commercial food operations?  We stand by our values and our promise to continue to support local farms and offer local foods to you.  Many large commercial food operations are purchasing from large local, southwestern Ontario farmers.  Look for our ‘Meet your local farmer’ profiles – these are all Ontario farmers who provide to large commercial food operations.

You can see what seasonal produce we are using and where is came from – look for our social media posts!

Social media post images

Our posters inside the residence eateries –

September local food poster

And our large map poster outside the residence eatery!

local food map poster