Event Food Vendor Application


If you want to host an event with food, outside of the usual university food facilities, you must submit a food vendor application at least 30 days in advance. Complete the application below to host your event. You must also submit a Special Event Form for Food Vendors - Region of Waterloo.

It takes only a few minutes. Please have ready all details pertaining to the event, the types of food being served, and food preparation and handling.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

Event Details
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Food Preparation
Please provide details of the establishment (restaurant, kitchen, grocery, etc.) where the food for this event is being prepared. Note: All food must be prepared in a kitchen approved by the Region of Waterloo Public Health. No home food preparation is allowed.
Date of Preparation * (required)
Time of Preparation * (required)
Please enter each menu item to be served at the event. Include the source of each food item, i.e., the name and location of the store, restaurant or kitchen where the food is prepared. Include 1 item per line
Food Handling
Tell us a bit about how the food will be handled when it's on site. Also, you need to agree to some health and safety procedures.
Equipment used to transport food to serving site * (required)
Equipment used to maintain food temperature on site * (required)
(Food not to travel more than 30 minutes when maintaining temperature)
Equipment used to reheat food prior to hot holding * (required)
Equipment used to protect foods, including condiments, from contamination during display * (required)