Meal plans

Looking after the well-being of our students is one of the things UW Food Services does best. We pride ourselves on the quality nutritious meals we serve. If we don’t offer your favourite, talk to our chef and we will try our best to look after you.

Living in a traditional residence?

Find out more information about our Residence Meal Plans and determine which one is the right fit for you. The purchase of a Residence Meal Plan is mandatory each four month term that you live in Village 1, Ron Eydt Village or Claudette Millar Hall.

Purchasing a Residence meal plan is mandatory in each four month term. Find out more information here

Living in suite style or off-campus residence?

Benefits of a Value Plus Meal Plan:

  • Convenience of easily getting food on campus
  • Stress-free meals 
  • The option for locally sourced and fresh food
  • Hot meals when you need them!
  • Discounts - the bigger the meal plan, the bigger the discount!
  • Choices abound! Get what you want, when you want it! 
  • For more information, read more here

Find out about our off-campus vendors here!