Off Campus Meal Plans

Chef Denise making a meal, students sitting at a table and two students customizing their pho bowl

Our optional Value Plus Meal plans are here for you! They offer flexibility, tons of variety and great savings! 

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We aim to make selecting a meal plan as easy as finding a great place to eat on campus, especially for students away from home for the first time. UW Food Services is here with exciting, nourishing lunches, dinners, snacks and desserts at locations scattered all over our campus, so our students are able to study hard and stay healthy without spending hours shopping for groceries and worrying about meal prep. Remember: You can buy a meal plan at any time during the term, but the earlier you purchase one, the sooner you save!

Value Plus Meal Plans are purchased through the Watcard Office –

The Super Saver meal plan is tax exempt, offering up to 13% savings at ALL of our locations!

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 Fees

Value Plus Meal Plan Allowance per term     
What it's called? What do you pay Meal plan portion Flex dollar portion Capital Improvement Allotment Savings
Super Saver


















Note: Meal plan savings are only applicable during the term which the meal plan was purchased.

Which plan is right for me?

SUPER SAVER PLAN - Recommended for those who would like to eat at residence dining halls and on-campus regularly. This plan will help you save time and build community as you eat with your peers at one of our 25 locations, including Residence eateries and all our cafes and eateries across campus.  This meal plan is tax-exempt, saving you up to 13% in HST. This plan equals about 15 meals a week and some light snacks.

SAVER PLAN – Recommended for those who are looking for a few meals a week on campus and at residence dining halls.  Whether you’re craving a hot lunch at South Side Marketplace or a hearty dinner at V1, this plan will help you spend less time cooking and more time enjoying campus! This plan is not HST exempt, therefore applicable taxes are added to meal costs when purchased but Food Services offers a 5% discount on these meal plans. This plan equals about 10 meals a week and a few light snacks.

CASUAL PLAN – Recommended for those who would like a lunch or two on campus and light snacks and beverages. This plan is not HST exempt, therefore applicable taxes are added to meal costs when purchased but Food Services offers a 2% discount on these meal plans.

Capital Improvement: This is a non-refundable amount used for capital expenditures that directly enhance residence dining environments, facilities and equipment. It is deducted from the meal plan cost and cannot be used to make food purchases.

Some junk food, bulk items and non-food items may still require paying HST. Flex Dollars are not tax discountable or HST exempt.

Check out our FAQ to find answers to common meal plan questions or contact us for more information!