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We're for Fresh Thinking! 

At UW Food Services, we pride ourselves on serving fresh, house-made, delicious food created by Red Seal Certified chefs and cooks.  Food Services prioritizes the campus community's needs and we work closely with them to help create healthy, nourishing foods you will enjoy.  We have a registered dietitian on staff to support the community members in making informed and nutritious food choices.  

  1. Feb. 12, 2020Tim Hortons EC5 is open for business!
    Tim Hortons now open poster

    UW Food Services is proud to announce the renovations for East End Cafe in East Campus 5 are complete and it has been transformed into a Tim Hortons! Tim Hortons EC5 serves hot and cold beverages including latte, espresso and Ice Caps. It also offers Tim Hortons baked goods including muffins, cookies and donuts. 

    This unique location offers UW Food Services hot food items including toasted bagels with choice of spread, all day breakfast sandwiches and various lunch items such as grilled cheese, hot paninis and soup.  

  2. Dec. 23, 2019East End Cafe is closed for renovations
    End End Cafe logo

    East End Cafe in East Campus 5 (EC5) is undergoing a facelift and make look a bit different in the new year! Renovations will begin early in January 2020, and the new and improved location will open during Winter 2020.  

    Stay tuned for more updates. 

  3. Sep. 25, 2019Food Services launches Mobile Ordering App in Brubakers
    UW Food Services App Logo

    "I love waiting in lines!" said no one, ever. 

    Food Services heard the cries and complaints of long lines in Brubakers, Student Life Centre, and realized something needed to change.  Enter the mobile ordering app. Created to service our customers and make picking up a bite to eat as easy as possible.  With a few clicks and taps, anyone can order a meal in under 30 seconds, customizing it to their liking and using their free time for more important things than standing in lines. 

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  1. Feb. 23, 20206 Meals for $6.00 or less!
    Students enjoying a meal around a table in Concept by Velocity

    We have compiled a list of all our favourite meals for UNDER $6! When in a crunch for time and money – don’t fret –  we’ve done the research.  These tasty and dietitian approved lunch options are available at a variety of locations across campus, so it’s easy find affordable food on the go.  

  2. Feb. 18, 2020Decoding Nutrition Labels

    We’ve all seen it before, but do you really know what it means and what it’s saying? There’s a TON of information found on nutritional labels, and figuring out how to read it may be daunting. However, it is still a very useful and needed skill to have to make informed choices for your diet. The good news is, your days of googling what it all means are done! We’ve summarized the key info you need in just a few paragraphs. So let's get decoding!

  3. Jan. 28, 2020Grocery Shopping (on a budget) 101
    Tips on Grocery Shopping

    One of the many things that comes with adulting is buying groceries on your own and it can get very overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! University is overwhelming and expensive enough already, so save yourself some stress and a few dollars with these easy tips:

    1. Never go shopping hungry!

    Going to the grocery hungry is asking for impulse purchases and brain fog. You’ll be tempted to buy more than you need, and probably forget a few things on your list while you’re at. Grab a snack before going and you’ll thank yourself later.

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