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University of Waterloo Food Services (UWFS) provides a range of products and services to students, faculty, staff, and the broader community through the operation of 24 outlets. The department includes residence cafeterias, cash operations outlets, franchises, Catering Services, Conference Services, vending, and fine dining at the University Club.

  1. Mar. 1, 2019Who won the Chili Cook-Off?Chef holding certificate

    The Winter 2019 Chili Cook-Off was a great success! There were five delicious chilies competing against one another, all of them made by our wonderful chefs.  Although all were absolutely scrumptious, the one that got the most votes was the Breakfast Chili, made by Chef Mark!

  2. Jan. 17, 2019Meet our dietitian, Nicole Pin. Nicole Pin, our registered dietitian

    UW Food Services is pleased to welcome Nicole Pin as the department’s Registered Dietitian. In this new role, Nicole will be responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining nutrition programming for Food Services with a focus on health and wellness for the student community.

  3. Dec. 11, 2018United Way thanks UWaterloo Tim Horton's locations!Image of thank you certificate from the United Way.  Two children in image.

    We received such a  wonderful letter!

    Dear University of Waterloo Food Services,

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  1. Mar. 19, 2019Cooking Show - The Balanced PlateHealthy food plates surrounding vegetables and cooking pot

    Register Here! 

    Join us for the most popular event of the term! Learn how to build a balanced plate with tasty and nutritious foods, sample tons of delicious plates made by the UW Food Services Chefs! Free and open to UWaterloo students only! 

  2. Mar. 21, 201980s Night80s Night Thurs March 21 REV

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  1. Feb. 11, 2019Fad Diets Part 1: What is a fad diet and how do I spot one? Image of a juice. With the titles of Fad diet.

    Fad Diets Part 1: What is a fad diet and how do I spot one? 

    Nicole Pin, MAN, RD

    With a weight and health obsessed culture, it’s no surprise that the diet industry makes billions of dollars each year preying on our desire for that ‘quick fix’ in place of a long term drive toward a healthy lifestyle.

  2. Jan. 28, 2019Immunity NutritionImage of student carrying a tray of food with the words saying: How to boost your immune system

    Immunity Nutrition

    Nicole Pin, MAN, RD

    Our immune system is our primary defense against potentially harmful pathogens and microorganisms, like the ones you might find in some of the common colds and coughs that always seem to surface this time of year. While there is no magic pill to prevent the common cold, a balanced diet can help boost immunity and ward off those nasty cold and flu germs.

    So what nutrients should you focus on to build immunity?

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