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At UW Food Services, we pride ourselves on serving fresh, house-made, delicious food created by Red Seal Certified chefs and cooks.  Food Services prioritizes the campus community's needs and we work closely with them to help create healthy, nourishing foods you will enjoy.  We have a registered dietitian on staff to support the community members in making informed and nutritious food choices.


  1. Jan. 20, 2023Interview: Food Services Winning Stock the Bank
    Bin of non-perishable items

    An Interview with Nicole Pin, Registered Dietitian in Food Services

    By Abeer Cheema

    As a co-op student for Food Services, I had the unique opportunity to witness the impact of the Stock the Bank challenge hosted by WUSA Food Support Service.

  2. Jan. 16, 2023Endless Options: NEW Locations added to Campus Order Up Mobile App
    Student recieving order

    In today’s digital age and even more so after a near two-year long pandemic, we are constantly reliant on fast, seamless service to meet our day-to-day needs. Having been previously launched in 2019, UW Food Services has relaunched its mobile ordering app Campus OrderUp after a short hiatus. On the app, customers can place their order in advance, pay by Credit Card or WatCard and pick up their food at the designated pick-up location.

  3. Jan. 10, 2023ML's Diner Reopens After 2 Years
    Ml diner

    A Campus Staple Returns: ML Diner Reopens 

    By Monika Terzic

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  1. Apr. 6, 2022On the Rural Road with RW Library: Baden Coffee Company
    Rural Road Image

    Whether you are calmly kicking back with fresh coffee and a good book or studying like mad with empty mugs and stacks of textbooks, the end of term is drawing to a close! In collaboration with the Region of Waterloo Library, Baden Coffee Company has released a behind-the-bean interview.

  2. Feb. 16, 2022Fired Up in REV: Chef Sean's "Bacon" Cheeseburger Sliders


    This is your WINNING choice for tonight’s FIRED UP AT REV! A whole bunch of vegan deliciousness built into 1 amazing slider. A carrot a day keeps the doctor away, animals are my friends and I don’t eat my friends!!

  3. Feb. 16, 2022Fired Up In REV: Chef Daniel's Plant-Based Chicken with Sesame Soba Noodles
    chicken with sesame soba noodles by Chef Daniel



    What is plant-based and why did I select plant-based chicken sesame soba noodles?

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