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At UW Food Services, we pride ourselves on serving fresh, house-made, delicious food created by Red Seal Certified chefs and cooks.  Food Services prioritizes the campus community's needs and we work closely with them to help create healthy, nourishing foods you will enjoy.  We have a registered dietitian on staff to support the community members in making informed and nutritious food choices.


  1. Dec. 14, 2023Introducing Value Picks: Affordable Meals on Campus!
    Value Picks

    Introducing Our Value Picks for 2024!

    Elevate your dining experience without breaking the bank! Introducing UW Food Services' NEW Value Picks—now you can find SIX deals at several of our locations across campus. Embrace the fusion of flavors, affordable prices, and convenient accessibility as you explore the culinary delights that our value picks bring to your dining experience!

  2. Oct. 13, 2023Upcoming Events
    Students in audience watching the Cooking Show

    Fall into Flavour: Discover Our Upcoming Events

    Each term, UW Food Services hosts a variety of fun, free, educational, and interactive events across campus.

  3. Oct. 12, 20233,000 Eco-Containers & Counting: Celebrating UW Food Services' Eco-Friendly Milestone
    Student holding an eco-container

    By: Monika Terzic

    A Step Towards A Sustainable Future

    In 2017, UW Food Services took a big step towards sustainability when they launched their Eco-Container program at The Market in Claudette Millar Hall (UWP). This initiative has since spread to all the residences across campus and decreased the need for single use disposable takeout containers! The Eco-Container program was met with great enthusiasm and success.

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  1. Mar. 5, 2024Masala Mocktail Night (SLC)

    Join us for a fun food-centred event between 4:30PM–7:30PM at Brubaker's in the Student Life Centre (SLC)!

  2. Mar. 6, 2024Fired Up at REV
    Fired Up at REV poster

    The Chefs are Fired Up again for this semester's Taste the Trends Cook off. Come try a variety of trending dishes and vote for your favourite. May the best Chef win! Happening at REV on March 6th, voting and free sampling begins at 5:00pm.

  3. Mar. 10 to Apr. 8, 2024Ramadan
    Ramandan pick up halal meals from designated fridge March 10- April8

    We are dedicated to providing inclusive accommodations for students observing Ramadan. In recognition of this important month, the  hot dish stations at CMH, V1 and REV will remain open until 8:30 pm, allowing students to access meals during Iftar. Additionally, halal meals will be readily available in the designated fridge, ensuring that students can adhere to their dietary preferences. 

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  1. Apr. 6, 2022On the Rural Road with RW Library: Baden Coffee Company
    Rural Road Image

    Whether you are calmly kicking back with fresh coffee and a good book or studying like mad with empty mugs and stacks of textbooks, the end of term is drawing to a close! In collaboration with the Region of Waterloo Library, Baden Coffee Company has released a behind-the-bean interview.

  2. Feb. 16, 2022Fired Up in REV: Chef Sean's "Bacon" Cheeseburger Sliders


    This is your WINNING choice for tonight’s FIRED UP AT REV! A whole bunch of vegan deliciousness built into 1 amazing slider. A carrot a day keeps the doctor away, animals are my friends and I don’t eat my friends!!

  3. Feb. 16, 2022Fired Up In REV: Chef Daniel's Plant-Based Chicken with Sesame Soba Noodles
    chicken with sesame soba noodles by Chef Daniel



    What is plant-based and why did I select plant-based chicken sesame soba noodles?

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