On the Rural Road with RW Library: Baden Coffee Company

Whether you are calmly kicking back with fresh coffee and a good book or studying like mad with empty mugs and stacks of textbooks, the end of term is drawing to a close! In collaboration with the Region of Waterloo Library, Baden Coffee Company has released a behind-the-bean interview.

The exclusive features Cam Burke, master roaster and son of Charlie Burke, the founder of the family-owned business. Alongside personal reading recommendations, Cam speaks more on Baden’s humble beginnings. First created to address the niche for sustainable coffee, Baden carries approximately 40 single origin coffees spread out across 28 countries. Engaged in direct-trade partnerships with several farmers from Columbia and Nicaragua, 75% of the coffees at Baden are Fair-Trade certified.

UW Food Services has been serving Fair-Trade certified, organic IMPACT coffee since March 9, 2020. The beans are roasted and ground on order at Baden, located only a 20 minute drive away from campus, so you know they are as fresh as can be. Sourced through Café Femenino, the proceeds go towards the University of Waterloo’s HeForShe campaign. In terms of taste, the coffee features aromatic notes of caramel and freshly baked bread, with subtle hints of granola and dark chocolate. Along with these subtle fragrances, the coffee embodies pleasant acidity and is full bodied, sourced from the Northern Highlands of Peru.

HeForShe is a global initiative by UN Women serving to engage males to remove the social and cultural barriers which prevent females from achieving their potential, positively reshaping society together. The University of Waterloo has been an avid support of HeForShe since 2016, committed to ensuring equity is embedded into the daily fabric of our institution. Our efforts to adhere to this standard include the following:

  • Women-identifying academic leadership events
  • Support, referrals and guidance to those impacted by sexual violence
  • Equitable recruitment strategy for faculty hiring
  • Equity training, including on unconscious bias, for hiring panels
  • Equity allies across campus, which explore how men can be leaders in creating a safer and thriving campus
  • HeForShe equity research grants
  • Women-identifying faculty research writing retreat
  • Sexism response workshops

Are you surprised with the facts behind your daily cup of joe?