February 2020

6 Meals for $6.00 or less!

Students enjoying a meal around a table in Concept by Velocity

We have compiled a list of all our favourite meals for UNDER $6! When in a crunch for time and money – don’t fret –  we’ve done the research.  These tasty and dietitian approved lunch options are available at a variety of locations across campus, so it’s easy find affordable food on the go.  

Decoding Nutrition Labels

We’ve all seen it before, but do you really know what it means and what it’s saying? There’s a TON of information found on nutritional labels, and figuring out how to read it may be daunting. However, it is still a very useful and needed skill to have to make informed choices for your diet. The good news is, your days of googling what it all means are done! We’ve summarized the key info you need in just a few paragraphs. So let's get decoding!

5 Tips for getting the most BANG out of your Buck on a Meal Plan…

Get the most bang for your meal plan buck!

5 Tips for getting the most BANG out of your Buck on a Meal Plan…


Do you have a meal plan? Are you wondering how you can stretch your dollar a little further, and still eat well as the academic year comes to a close.  Well we’ve done the research for you, here are some great tips to get the most value out of your meal plan all year long.

Choosing Beverages Wisely: