5 Tips for getting the most BANG out of your Buck on a Meal Plan…

5 Tips for getting the most BANG out of your Buck on a Meal Plan…


Do you have a meal plan? Are you wondering how you can stretch your dollar a little further, and still eat well as the academic year comes to a close.  Well we’ve done the research for you, here are some great tips to get the most value out of your meal plan all year long.

Choosing Beverages Wisely:

  • Save the specialty coffee drinks for a once in a while treat. While a tall latte can ring you in at close to $5, a medium coffee or tea is just $2. By switching out your daily fancy Frappuccino you can save $15 a week, or over $200 in a whole semester!
  • Swap a mid-morning bottle of juice ($2.89) for a 250ml milk ($1.89) and get more protein and nutrients while saving an extra buck. You can also bring a reusable bottle and fill up on good ol’ H2O for free!

Snack Smart:

  • Need a mid-afternoon pick me up? Swap that bag of chips ($1.69) for a more nutritious snack like farm to table popcorn ($1.49).
  • If you’re in need of a fresh snack, say no to a pricey fruit cup ($4.49) in favour of a whole fruit (Just $1). Alternatively you can hit up the residence salad bar and choose exactly the amount and type of fruit you want. Keep it to one serving (about 100 grams or ½ cup) and you’ll be at just $2.19 for your fruit.

Make the Most of Deals:

  • When all you have is a $5 bill: Shop the meal deals all week long! Did you know there are $5 lunch deals across campus from Monday to Friday? If you’re looking for a quick and economical lunch option these deals are hard to beat! (LINK to meal deals)
  • When you’re on a time crunch: Order off the mobile app and you can skip the line in SLC. My favorite deal is the $5.99 classic 6” Sandwich at Subway. Not only is this a filling option, but you can choose wholegrain bread, load it with veggies and opt for a lean protein like tuna.
  • On the go: You can get a vegan sushi roll for just $6 at multiple locations on campus, and many of our gran & go meal salads and sandwiches clock in at just $5 or $6. Round out these options with a piece of whole fruit or a yogurt and you’re good to go!
  • Pay for only what you eat: Pay exactly for what you eat with food by weight in any of our residence eateries. This includes the salad bar and hot food areas, which always offer vegan, vegetarian, gluten friendly and halal options so there’s something for everyone! Build a balanced plate with veggies, grains and starches and protein for a meal that’s sure to satisfy the long study hours ahead.

Save Money, Save the Planet:

  • Make friends with reusable programs! The compostable clamshells in residence are $0.30/ each, so when you choose a reusable plate or eco-container instead you can actually save a lot of money over the course of the semester (if you eat 3 meals on campus, 5 days a week for a whole semester, you can save over $60, even when you factor in the initial $5 cost for the eco container). Don’t forget to also bring your reusable mug when you order coffee or tea on campus for additional discounts.

Buy Some, Bring Some:

  • Living off campus and don’t have time to pack lunches? Even if you grab your main meal on campus consider bringing a snack or two to round out the long day ahead. A piece of fruit, veggies, cheese sticks, low sugar granola bars, or Greek yogurt are all easy to pop in a knapsack for the day ahead and can save you lots of money in the long run!