Traditional Residence Meal Plans (V1, REV, CMH)


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As a student living in V1, REV or CMH, you must choose a Residence Meal Plan for each four-month term. You can use your meal plan at all UW Food Services eateries and franchises (e.g., Starbucks, Pizza Pizza, etc.) which makes eating at Waterloo easy to fit in with your busy schedule.

What’s in it for me?Chef sean handing a student a stir fry he just prepared especially for them

You can head down from your room for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a quick snack – the eateries are open for long hours and the food choices are endless! Since the meal plans can be used at any of our 24 UW Food Services location, you are able to eat on campus and on the go!

Meal plans can be used at any of our locations!

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 Fees

Residence Meal Plan Allowance per term 
Meal Plan Name What do you pay? Meal Plan Portion Flex Dollar Portion Overhead Deduction Capital Improvement Allotment
















Meal Plan Portion: This portion is reserved for meal plans. It is tax-exempt and can only be used in UW Food Services locations Every time you purchase food using your meal plan, you will get 50% the set price.

Flex Dollar Portion: Flex dollars can be used at non-Food Services locations such as the book store, laundry, photocopying and the W Store.  They can also be used at various off-campus partner restaurants and stores.  If you run out of meal plan dollars, you can convert your flex dollars into meal plan to use on food!  

Overhead Deduction: The Residence overhead deduction is a critical upfront payment that covers a portion of fixed costs. It is a deposit that is gradually reduced every time you make a purchase at ANY of our 24 Food Services locations through the 50% price reduction received at the till.

Capital Improvement: This is a non-refundable amount used for capital expenditures that directly enhance residence dining environments, facilities and equipment. It is deducted from the meal plan cost and cannot be used to make food purchases.

What's the scoop?

Lite - This is a great plan for students who go home on weekends or are light eaters.

Average – This plan offers the convenience of eating most meals on campus, with a couple meals a week eaten off campus.

Hearty – Choose this Flex Dollar selection if you plan on eating at campus seven days a week. (Or just can’t get enough of our amazing food.)

Note: Students are automatically registered for the RMPA Lite option.  If you would like to change your meal plan, please visit WatCard Frequently Asked Questions for details and deadlines.  Flex Dollars are not tax exempt.

Add some Flex Dollars

Have a big appetite? There’s no need to deny your hunger. Flex dollars are used to top up your empty RMPA account before the end of term and for additional on–campus services such as vending, laundry, buying textbooks and even for buying food at participating off–campus restaurants. Transfer money from your Flex Dollars – which can be loaded onto your WatCard any time – to your empty RMPA account. That way you can keep getting that valuable tax exemption.

Check out our FAQ to find answers to common meal plan questions or contact us for more information!