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Mobile ordering application

Food Services is expanding our mobile app! Now available in Southside Marketplace in South Campus Hall (SCH) for pick-up.

UW Food Services App


In today’s digital age and even more so after a near two-year long pandemic, we are constantly reliant on fast, seamless service to meet our day-to-day needs. Having been previously launched in 2019, UW Food Services has relaunched its mobile ordering app Campus OrderUp after a short hiatus. On the app, customers can place their order in advance, pay by Credit Card or WatCard and pick up their food at the designated pick-up location.

You can order from Brubakers Food Court in the Student Life Centre (SLC) which features: Quesada, Subway, Pita Pit, Shawarma Hub, Pizza Pizza, Teriyaki Experience, Jugo Juice (NEW) and more! You can also order from Rolltation and Hakka Wok (NEW) from DC Bytes on the app and get a taste of Toronto’s sushi burritos and rice and/or salad bowls. Starting in January 2023, you can now order from Paramount Lebanese Kitchen, Pizza Pizza and The Whet Noodle at Southside Marketplace in South Campus Hall (SCH).

How to Download:

Download the App today by searching "Campus OrderUp" in the App Store or Google Play Store.  Once you download the App - simply select 'University of Waterloo' for complete access to our Mobile App!

NOTE: IOS users will see our Mobile App Icon - Android users will see this generic icon on their phone interface:

Campus OrderUp for Android


For Pick up in Student life Centre (SLC): 

  • Pizza Pizza
  • Subway
  • Shawarma Hub
  • Quesada
  • Chef & the Farmer - Smokehouse
  • Teriyaki Experience
  • Jugo Juice
  • Brubakers Kitchen

For Pick up in DC Bytes (DC): 

  • Rolltation
  • Hakka Wok

For Pick up in South Campus Hall (SCH)

  • Paramount Lebanese Cuisine
  • Pizza Pizza
  • The Whet Noodle                                                   

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