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Food Services is excited to announce the launch of our own Mobile Ordering App!  Available in the Student Life Centre, order on the app, pay by WatCard or Credit Card and skip the lines! 

UW Food Services AppDownload the App today by searching "UW Food Services" in the App Store or Google Play Store.  

If you need to contact a chef or manager directly about your order, please call:

  1. Catering & Event Eats and UC Eats- 519-888-4700
  2. Rolltation- 519-888-4567 ex 36949
  3. Pizza Pizza/Shawarma Hub/Subway- 519-888-4567 ex 35022


For Delivery or Pick up in SLC: 

  pizza pizza

  subway shawarma hub logo


For Delivery or Pick up at Fed Hall: 

Catering and Event Eats logo UC Eats logo

For Delivery or Pick up at Davis Centre: 

rolltation logo

Questions? Email us at

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