November 2020

CHEF BLOG: Chef Daniel's Ultimate Mac & Cheese

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This recipe is what I call comfort food, it’s affordable, and it’s something I can create with my family. This recipe is great to prepare on weekends and reheat during the week and to take to school or work.  

CHEF BLOG: Chef Mark's Family Chili Recipe

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Growing up, chili was a meal we often had at home, it was one of the few recipes my dad would cook. Mom and Dad eventually came up with a bit of a rivalry surrounding it. Moms was a little soupier and had a bit of spiced flavour, while dads was thicker, all liquid drained from the canned beans and tomatoes, and lighter on spice as dad didn’t enjoy spices. When I moved out I continued to make my own chili, taking cues from both parents, who cooked without recipes.

At home, chili was always served with buttered toast, which is a great side, but for me, tortilla chips make the best companion.

A lot of recipes for chili will have sour cream, shredded cheese, fresh cilantro, green onion. While those can be great, that’s not what this one is about.