Introducing Value Picks: Affordable Meals on Campus!

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Introducing Our Value Picks for 2024!

Elevate your dining experience without breaking the bank! Introducing UW Food Services' NEW Value Picks—now you can find SIX deals at several of our locations across campus. Embrace the fusion of flavors, affordable prices, and convenient accessibility as you explore the culinary delights that our value picks bring to your dining experience!

Location Menu Item Deal Price
Umami (DC Bytes) 5pc Dumplings served with Chinkiang Sauce $7.99
Shawarma Hub (Brubaker's SLC and Southside Marketplace in SCH) Fattoush Salad served with 1pc Falafel $6.99
Masala (Brubaker's SLC and Southside Marketplace in SCH) Snack Size Samosa Chaat (comes with rice, samosa, channa and garnish (Raita-Indian Salad and Aloo Bhujia) $6.99
The Whet Noodle (Southside Marketplace, SCH) Vegetable and Tofu Noodle Bowl (Snack Size) $6.99
ML Diner (Lower Floor of Modern Languages, ML) Grilled Cheese Sandwich and 1pc Whole Fruit $6.99
Ev3rgreen Café (EV3) Any Wedge Sandwich and 1pc Whole Fruit $6.99

Why Choose Our Value Picks?

  • Affordable: Enjoy nutritious meals that will give you the energy and nourishment you need at pocket-friendly prices.
  • Variety: From dumplings to samosas, we have diverse options to satisfy your cravings at an affordable price!
  • Convenient Locations: Our offerings are available at multiple locations across campus including EV3, ML, SCH, DC and SLC!
  • Healthy Choices: Embrace a balanced plate with options like salads, protein-filled noodle bowls, and fruit sides.
  • Quick Bites: Our Value Picks are perfect for a snack or a quick meal between classes. Also great for people who love smaller-portions!

Visit these locations to try our brand new Value Picks and make your campus dining experience even more delightful! Share your experience with us on @UWaterlooFood on Instagram and Facebook.

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