Get involved in your community!

Waterloo Residences provides a variety of opportunities for you to get involved, build your skills, collect a pay cheque, and prepare for your future career.

Paid positions


First Year Don

Dons live in residence and help to develop a community that is supportive of the academic and personal goals of students.

Upper Year Don

Upper Year Donss are upper-year undergraduate or graduate students who live in residence and foster a positive, dynamic experience for Upper Year residents.

Peer Leader

Peer Leaders are upper-year students who are academic mentors for students in the Living-Learning Community.


Front Desk Assistant

FDAs are dynamic student leaders who are hired to provide outstanding customer service to students, parents, visitors, staff and faculty.

Desk Services Leadership Team

Desk Services Team Leaders and Desk Services Trainers are dynamic student leaders who are hired to provide support, mentorship and guidance for Front Desk Assistants (FDAs).

Student Housing Administrator

Student Housing Administrators work out of the Housing office, and provide support to students with residence or off-campus housing inquires.


Residence Ambassador

Residence Ambassadors are students currently living in Residence who give insightful and engaging tours of our residence facilities to prospective students and their families.

Special Event Residence Ambassador

SERAs give tours of rooms or suites, and residence facilities, during special event dates (Fall Open House, March Break Open House, or You @ Waterloo Day).

Residence Storyteller

Get paid to live your best life! Using video, blogging, photography, social media and other creative means, capture and share your residence experience with current and prospective students.


Tutoring Program Assistant

The purpose of the Tutoring Program Assistant role is to provide support to the Co-ordinator, Administration and Academic Programming in the evaluation and assessment of the Drop-in Tutoring Program.

CLV-North Community Assistant

Community Assistants work to provide a safe and comfortable environment for people of all ages living in Columbia Lake Village North.

Student Computing Consultant

Undergraduate students who work part-time to help other students with technology.


Student leadership opportunities


Marketing Advisory Board

A group of students who meet five times a term with the Waterloo Residences marketing team to share their insights, opinions and ideas on Housing strategies.

Residence Fees Contract Appeals Committee

A committee of students and staff who evaluate and make decisions on contract appeal submissions.

Student Housing Advisory Committee

A group of students who meet with members of the Waterloo Housing and Residences Admissions team to review and share their insights and advice on operating policies and processes to help to shape the living conditions for students living on and off campus in the Region of Waterloo.


Need extra cash?

Waterloo Residences hires throughout the year.

Keep your eyes open on the job postings for paid positions as they open up!